Now is the time to show the World what you have to offer!

Virtual Reality is an exciting emerging technology with the potential to reshape the way we experience the world. Highend 360 is a highly focused team of specialists delivering world class Virtual Reality projects to clients around the world. Highend 360 produces interactive content for leading VR headsets. Combining creativity and technology we help brands to communicate with audiences in new exciting ways. Highend 360 is a one stop source for leisure and hospitality industry across the globe.

WHY 360?


360 Video is the future

360 Videos will account for 60% of web traffic. Next year 360 videos will be the norm - Be the first and stay ahead of the competition.

Engage your customer today

Video content has the highest engagement rate of any media, and it is 40 times more likely to get shared on social media than other types of content, moreover 360 videos are so new in the market that it is the the way to get ahead of your competition.

Boost Sales

Through powerful online 360 video marketing campaigns, drive sales directly to your website with a Facebook & YouTube 360 video strategy to keep your existing customer loyal to your brand and gain new customers.

Facebook & YouTube are in

With Facebook and YouTube advocating and broadcasting 360 videos, now is the time to showcase your venue so that your customers can believe in what they see and experience your hotel or venue before booking.

Boost your Google ranking

Google owns YouTube and fully encourage 360 YouTube Video! It's a fantastic opportunity to boost your Google Ranking and stand out from the crowd

Improve your reputation

A 360 video or walk through is a personal immersive experience of your venue, there is no need for other people's opinions. Beat the online fraudulent and impartial reviews and let people see for themselves.